June 22, 2017

FoodTalk | Creating Health Plus Training

by Alvin Rebick

Can you imagine feeding 1200 people a delicious, nutritious meal every day, using largely donated ingredients? What if it’s the only meal those people will eat that day? Or maybe you’re tasked with feeding 400 people daily with a budget of $100 per month for special ingredients like oil and salt. What if the Second Harvest truck arrives and the only vegetable available is beets and the older men who largely populate this particular drop-in won’t eat beets no matter how hungry they are? What if the women’s shelter kitchen that you run is open 24 hours a day because the need is so great? How do you coordinate cooks, food orders, donations, menus, recipes, volunteers and the very special dynamics that this emergency situation requires? These are the challenges that the chefs and cooks who work in the agencies that Creating Health Plus supports every day. How do they do it? With grit, wit, energy, stamina and commitment.


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