Welcome to FoodReach!


The goal of FoodReach is to provide our member agencies access to good food so that they can serve the communities that need it the most.

FoodReach’s Supply Chain Vision:

  • Our supply chain allows not-for-profit organizations to focus on their core services by supporting their food needs with quality products at the best possible prices by leveraging spending across all member organizations while optimizing a shared service, group sourcing, procurement, logistics and purchasing model.
  • Our Value Proposition: Maximizing value for money spend, food knowledge, responding to needs, providing best quality and maximizing savings through collaboration.


We Need You.


Your ability to provide access to good food at good prices at the right quality and quantity makes you the ideal partner for FoodReach.

At FoodReach we’re looking for long-term partnerships with vendors that exemplify these qualities:

  • You consistently perform at a high level
  • You innovate
  • You have an understanding about the needs of not-for-profits
  • You are a solution provider


Become a FoodReach Vendor Partner


If you feel that your organization would be a good fit with FoodReach, then we want to hear from you! Send an email to letting us know that you want to become a vendor partner and tell us about your company and the solutions that you can provide FoodReach and its members.