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Quality food in the quantity you want at great prices.

FoodReach is a community-led collaboration that gives non-profit agencies, student nutrition programs and social services online access to nutritious food at excellent prices. Members can also take advantage of exclusive deals, share ideas and resources and learn about effective strategies to manage food supply and safety.


Through the FoodReach Web Portal, a user can shop online, place an order, select a date for free delivery (if the purchase is at least $50) and track the order’s progress. The cost savings and convenience gained helps agencies focus on their mandate of serving those in need.


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The Benefits of FoodReach


Increased access, better prices, greater stability

For many community agencies and student nutrition programs, food supply is an inefficient patchwork of ad-hoc purchases and unpredictable donations. Consequently, it is a challenge to provide enough good food consistently to those who need it most.

The problem is deepening. Public spending isn’t keeping pace with food inflation and demand. In response, agencies work on their own low budget solutions but do so in isolation. This is having a real and negative impact on the size, quality and number of meals organizations are able to serve.

FoodReach was created as a systemic response to this problem.


High quality fresh food – FoodReach delivers food directly to organizations daily, and on-demand. This gives chefs the opportunity to work with reliably fresh produce, sourced directly from wholesalers or farmers. The result? Less wastage, better nutrition, and improved taste.

Wholesale prices – The power of an organized buying group enables agencies to purchase fresh food at wholesale prices. Typically only large organizations can take advantage of this, but FoodReach extends this advantage to all, regardless of size. This reduces the real food costs of agencies.

Simple online ordering – FoodReach’s portal simplifies purchasing and makes account administration transparent. Chefs or buyers enter a secure portal, choose the food they want, and the order is delivered the next day. Budgeting is easy because purchases are tracked and records are kept online.

A space to work together – Hundreds of cooks produce innovative meals on tiny budgets throughout the city every day. The portal encourages organizations to share these creative ideas, as well buy, sell, and swop equipment or over-supplies of produce. This collaboration will strengthen the sector.

Increased food literacy – Food prices fluctuate, but the need for food does not. FoodReach provides agencies with a price rise ‘early warning system’ and advice about appropriate food substitutes. It also includes skills and knowledge resources that help cooks make healthier food choices.


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